LINK - the UK ATM network

About the LINK network

LINK is the UK's cash machine (ATM) network and the busiest ATM transaction switch in the world. At peak, the LINK switch processes almost 1 million transactions per hour.

There are nearly 100 million LINK-enabled cards in circulation. Around 65,500 cash machines are connected to the LINK network - effectively every ATM in the UK.

The LINK network is a fundamental part of the UK's payments infrastructure and cash machines are by far the most popular channel for cash withdrawal in the UK, used by millions of consumers every week.

The number of cash machines connected to the LINK network, transaction volumes, and the value of cash withdrawn from ATMs have all grown rapidly since the launch of LINK in 1986. (See LINK statistics).

For a detailed downloadable guide to LINK, please click here

LINK’s role

LINK supports access to cash.  It sets the rules for ATM operators who want their cash machines to be part of the UK ATM network or card issuers who want their cardholders to be able to use the UK ATM network.

Almost every cash machine in the UK, both free-to-use and pay-to-use, is connected to LINK, giving cardholders nationwide access to cash that is not achievable without joining LINK.

LINK is an SCF-compliant scheme.