Donating to charities at atms


A new charity donations scheme, which makes giving as easy as withdrawing cash, is now available at Bank Machine, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nat West and Ulster Bank cash machines.  

The new service is simple to use. Just insert your card, select “Donate to charity,” choose the charity you want to donate to from the list, select the amount and you are done. 

The minimum donation value is £1 while the maximum value will normally be between £150 and £500.

Cardholders using LINK cards (debit and ATM) from selected banks and building societies can make donations to charities at cash machines.  The choice of charity will vary by ATM but the selection will include some of the following charities. 


 Age UK  Norther Ireland Fund for Children
 Barnardos  Northern Ireland Hospice
 Cancer Research UK  Northern Ireland, Heart and Stroke
Children in Need Oxfam
Disability Action RNIB
Disaster Emergency Committee Simon Community, Northern Ireland

There is no commission on these donations, no ATM provider nor LINK will charge any commission on these donations, the full value will always be paid to the charity.

Other ATM operators will join this programme during 2012 and 2013. 

The charity donations scheme was developed by LINK to open up an additional revenue stream for charities.  Together with its members LINK created a collaborative system where LINK maintains the network and rules and LINK members select the charities. 

 For charities the donation scheme is the perfect way to boost donations and to create awareness for your charity.

Q: How can I sign up to the scheme?
By contacting the participating ATM operators.  LINK is not involved in the selection process. <Link to member list>

Q: We are a small local charity with no budget for marketing. Can we still participate?
Yes. The scheme is particularly suited to local charities as people often use local ATMs out of habit. Speak to one of our members to find out what your options are.

 Q: Are ATM operators allowed to charge me for signing up to the scheme?

Q: Will donations be GiftAided?
Not at this time.

Q: Is there a commission on donations? Will the charity receive the whole donated amount?
LINK and its members won’t charge commission on the donations and the whole donated amount will go to the charity.



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