LINK Governance

"LINK" is the operator of the LINK system as set out in the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013.  It works with the Payments Systems Regulator "PSR" to achieve its core objectives of promoting innovation and competition in LINK and furthering the interests of people and businesses that use LINK.

LINK is Recognised as an inter-bank payment system under section 184 of the Banking Act 2009.

Registered Office: Link Scheme Holdings Ltd, 2 Whitehall Quay, Leeds, LS1 4HG. Registered in England and Wales.  Company Number 10535808.

The latest Annual Report can be downloaded here

The minutes of Link Scheme Ltd Board are published below in accordance with the following policy, click on the date to download.

11th March 2015 25th March 2015 20th April 2015
6th May 2015 9th June 2015 5th August 2015
9th September 2015 4th November 2015 2nd December 2015 
5th January 2016 22nd January 2016 3rd February 2016
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5th October 2016 3rd November 2016 7th December 2016
10th December 2016 5th January 2017 20th January 2017
28th January 2017  2nd February 2017 2nd March 2017
6th April 2017 4th May 2017 1st June 2017

The minutes of Link Scheme Holdings Ltd Board and General Meetings are published below in accordance with the following policy, click on the date to download

 5th January 2017 2nd February 2017   2nd March 2017
 23rd March 2017  6th April 2017  4th May 2017
 1st June 2017  6th July 2017  

In March 2017, following the Independent Governance Review, LINK Members agreed to the abolition of the LINK Network Members Council (NMC), effective from 1st May 2017.  Decision-making authority then passed to the majority-independent Board of Link Scheme Holdings Ltd. All Members are obliged to become guarantors of Link Scheme Holdings Ltd and the guarantors are required to approve a number of reserved matters including changes to rules, fees, and interchange. 

The Minutes of past Network Members Council (NMC) meetings are published below, in accordance with the following policy, please click on the date to download.

19th March 2015 28th May 2015 18th June 2015
24th September 2015 10th December 2015 25th February 2016
16th June 2016 28th July 2016 8th September 2016
8th December 2016 26th January 2017 28th February 2017
23rd March 2017