Cash machine security

Cash machines (ATMs) are a very safe way to access your account and avoid the risks of having to carry large amounts of cash with you. Millions of transactions are made through the LINK system every day and the chances of becoming a victim of ATM crime are very low.

High-tech attacks, such as skimming and copying card details, are very rare. Most ATMs have equipment that prevents this sort of attack. Moreover, since the advent of Chip and PIN, these attacks cannot work on Chip cards unless the would-be criminal discovers your PIN. You can prevent this by the very simple step of covering your PIN with one hand as you enter it with the other, protecting yourself from the person looking over your shoulder and even from high tech attacks like covert cameras.

However, ATM crime can and does sometimes occur. LINK and the ATM industry take this very seriously and we have published guidance on cardholder security to help ATM users avoid crime.

In addition the Metropolitan Police has produced a really useful booklet on avoiding scams and crime and a free Pdf can be downloaded by clicking here or using the button opposite. 

If you have information about cash machine crime you may be able to claim a reward of up to £25,000.