Access to free-to-use cash withdrawals in the most deprived areas of the UK

Almost three million consumers rely solely on cash for all their regular payments and LINK is committed to defending and improving access to cash for all consumers.

LINK and its members have devised a programme to support the installation of free cash machines in areas where there is limited free access to cash. A free cash machine can bring many benefits to a local community and to site owners who accommodate a machine on their premises.

In agreement with consumer groups, government and Parliament’s Treasury Select Committee, LINK has identified a range of Financial Inclusion Target Areas which do not have good access to cash. To date over 80% of these areas have been given access to a free cash machine and have been classed as ‘Resolved Target Area’.

If you would like to check any area in the UK to see how good consumers access to cash, please use our online mapping tool.

Consumer and community groups, local authorities and councils, Members of Parliament, and other interested parties can play a key role in identifying suitable sites in their area. If you know of a suitable location that might benefit from a free machine please Suggest a Site.

We know from customer feedback that cash can help customers on low incomes manage their money more effectively and that these customers value the ability to get smaller balances from their accounts. Some LINK ATMs dispense £5 notes and to find your nearest one please use Advanced Search on our ATM Locator. If you are a member of the public and you would like to nominate an existing cash machine to dispense £5 notes please Contact Us.