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How far is too far?

Is there Low income Consumer Detriment from Gaps in Free-to-Use ATM Provision?

In 2014 LINK commissioned Toynbee Hall to undertake market research on access to ATMs. The research aimed to help LINK and its members understand whether particular groups of consumers might experience detriment as a result of having to use pay-to-use ATMs, as well as the causes and scale of any such detriment.

The Executive Summary can be downloaded here while the full report can be downloaded here.

Financial Inclusion Commission

The UK Financial Inclusion Commission is a new, independent body of experts which aims to make financial inclusion a national priority ahead of the 2015 General Election.

LINK gave evidence to the Commission on the 13th January 2015, outlining the work LINK and its Members have being doing to help address financial inclusion and access to cash machines.  LINK is looking forward to seeing the final report which is due to be published in March. 

Expanded Financial Inclusion Programme

Following a joint research exercise with consumer groups, LINK has further developed the Financial Inclusion Programme with a wider range of locations now eligible to have a subsidised free-to-use ATM.

LINK Marks 10 years of Financial Inclusion

Over the past ten years, LINK, through its Financial Inclusion Programme, has assisted with the introduction of free-to-use ATMs in nearly 2,000 areas across the UK that have been identified as in need.  LINK’s ‘Financial Inclusion Programme’, which is currently celebrating its tenth year in existence, has been a crucial factor in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable consumers in society. Free access to cash is particularly important for consumers in lower socio-economic groups as it allows them to budget more effectively.

LINK published 2016 Annual Report

The 2016 LINK Consumer Council Annual Report, published on 13th December 2016, highlights the vital role LINK continues to play in meeting the cash needs of everyone in the UK.   LINK remains committed to improving access to cash and supporting financial inclusion. Over 1,820 areas across the country have benefited from a new, free-to-use ATM since the launch of LINK’s Financial Inclusion Programme 10 years ago. Highlights of the report include, news about the fight against ATM fraud and crime, including top tips for consumer safety at ATMs, updated key statistics about ATM and cash usage including ATM numbers, number of cards, average value and ATM ownership, an update on LINK’s new ATM Locator mobile app scheduled for launch in 2017 and news about the rollout of the Bank of England’s new £5 polymer banknotes