Access to free-of-charge cash withdrawals

Target areas   

In December 2006 just over 1,700 Super Output Areas were identified as having no free cash machines and therefore priority target areas for new free-to-use ATMs, if suitable sites could be found. Since then, changes to the various measures of deprivation has meant that there are now 1,694 priority target areas.  Super Output Areas are a geographic hierarchy defined by the Office of National Statistics. There are 41,766 across the whole of the UK.  

In 2014 LINK engaged Toynbee Hall to carry out independent analysis of financial inclusion and using slightly different criteria (more than 25% of consumers who were in reciept of government benefits) and smaller Output Areas (OAs), a further 957 Output Areas have been added to LINK's target areas.  OAs are significantly smaller than SOAs (around 5:1) and there are overlaps with the original programme.  However they do provide a more granular analysis and ATMs are treated the same with both programmes. 

For further information and details of target areas please contact the LINK Scheme.  The following tables give summaries of progress.

Target Super Output Areas January 2017

Target Output Areas January 2017