LINK Consumer Council Report 2016

The 2016 LINK Consumer Council Annual Report, published today and available online highlights the vital role LINK continues to play in meeting the cash needs of everyone in the UK.   LINK remains committed to improving access to cash and supporting financial inclusion. Over 1,820 areas across the country have benefited from a new, free-to-use ATM since the launch of LINK’s Financial Inclusion Programme 10 years ago. Highlights of the report include:

News about the fight against ATM fraud and crime, including top tips for consumer safety at ATMs.

Updated key statistics about ATM and cash usage including ATM numbers, number of cards, average value and ATM ownership.

An update on LINK’s new ATM Locator mobile app scheduled for launch in 2017, it will give consumers advanced search functions, and free alerts for their favourite ATMs. 

News about the rollout of the Bank of England’s new £5 polymer banknotes.

Tracey Graham, the new Chair of LINK’s Consumer Council commented: “The LINK Consumer Council continues to play a vital role in helping the LINK Scheme meet the cash access needs of everyone in the UK. Despite the growth in alternative payment methods, cash remains important for almost all UK consumers, and is especially vital for many lower income groups.

“I am especially pleased to report on LINK’s Financial Inclusion Programme, celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. Since its launch, 1,824 areas across the UK have been provided with a new, free-to-use ATM that would otherwise not have been commercially viable and this work continues to be of prime importance”.