Consumers can use some LINK enabled ATMs abroad, find out more about the service.

LINK Members have cash machines in France, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and further afield, as well as throughout the United Kingdom. Some of these ATMs dispense currencies other than sterling. Whether a machine dispenses sterling or another currency, if it is connected to the LINK network, it will always carry the familiar LINK logo.

If you use a non-sterling cash machine connected to the LINK network* the amount of foreign currency to be dispensed, the exchange rate, the sterling amount to be debited from your account and any fees charged by your card issuer will all be displayed to you on the ATM screen, in English, before you complete the transaction. This may not be the case with cash machines not connected to the LINK network.

For information on fees payable for cash withdrawals through networks other than LINK (e.g. Visa or MasterCard), cardholders should contact their card issuer or refer to their account terms and conditions.

*Some LINK cardholders with a non-sterling account may not be able to use LINK non-sterling ATMs. This is to ensure they are not charged twice for currency conversion.

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