LINK has a suggest a site service that helps any member of the public or business get in touch to make suggestions about ATMs in their area.

Over 60% of cash machines are installed away from bank or building society branches. These machines provide convenient access to cash for millions of people and are installed in a huge variety of locations.

Banks, building societies and independent ATM operators are always looking for new sites and each one needs a landlord who may get significant benefits from having an ATM installed on their premises. These include:

  • Higher footfall as customers choose the location to get cash;
  • Higher turnover as ATM users spend the cash they have withdrawn in the store;
  • Competitive advantage over nearby locations which do not offer ATM facilities;
  • Increased customer satisfaction by offering an added value service;
  • The potential for rental income. In addition, some cash machines are replenished by the landlord from their over-the-counter cash takings and this can mean fewer bank visits and cash processing charges.

If you are a member of the public and would like to make suggestions about sites to LINK please use one of the following forms;

  • suggest a location for a new ATM form
  • suggest an existing ATM to dispense £5 note form
  • to nominate an ATM for enhanced security form
  • to nominate an ATM for Protected status form

If you are a site owner and would like to suggest your own location as a possible ATM location, please follow the link form.

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