When you walk into the Grocer Chef in Ardington, Oxfordshire, you immediately realise that it is a shop where, as well as stocking up on essentials, grabbing a coffee or having a bite to eat, you can catch up on the local gossip, or as a visitor get some handy tips about the area.

Thanks to LINK’s Financial Inclusion Programme, it is also a shop where you can get cash out as well. In fact, the machine is the first installed under a competitive process, Direct Commissioning. LINK is using this process to ensure that communities have the right access to cash – whether they have lost a machine or have asked us for one for the first time.

Since being installed, the machine has been popular with locals and visitors alike and is providing an additional revenue stream for the store as well. Before it was installed, people were faced with a two-mile journey to access cash in Wantage.

We hope this will be the first of many machines which secure cash access for communities across the country. If you live in a community which has lost its access to cash, or where there is a real need for cash which isn’t being met currently, get in touch here. We’re determined to help where the need is genuine and make sure consumers can access cash for as long as necessary. 

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