If you visit Durness, you could well be on a walking, cycling or golfing holiday. The far north coast of Scotland offers a beautiful rugged landscape and plenty of outdoor activities, but if you lived there, until recently you faced a 100-mile round-trip to the nearest free cash machine.

While the community is served by a post office, which offers cash access over the counter, when community representatives got in touch with us, we wanted to investigate further to make sure that the cash network was suitable for local needs.

What we found was that there was significant demand for cash in the village outside the operating hours of the post office, and from overseas visitors who could not get cash over the counter.

Working with the owner of the local post office and our Members, we acted to commission a machine which will be available to residents and visitors alike, which was installed in December 2019.

Following its opening, Gail Ross, MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, said “I’m delighted to see that the service has now been resumed in Durness and that this commitment has been shown to our remote rural community.”

“This will have a significant impact for locals and tourists alike and I hope the positive effects of free access to cash will be felt in the local economy.”

With 11,500 branches across the country, the Post Office network is a crucial part of the cash access infrastructure. We will work with the Post Office to support communities accessing cash. 

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