Helping people across the UK access the cash services they need

Most people find accessing cash easy. It's our job to keep it that way, and help those who find it difficult. We work in the public interest to connect a reliable ATM network to every major bank and building society. We also make sure people in every corner of the UK can access cash. We'll keep doing it even as the amount of cash being used changes rapidly.

The way we use cash is changing rapidly

That’s because more and more people are choosing to use contactless, or shop online. But not everyone is comfortable doing that just yet. Not everyone can afford to. That means the work we do is changing. We’ll keep providing a reliable service for cash users. At the same time, we’ll protect cash access in all four corners of the UK.

Services we offer

We’re here as long as cash is needed on the High Street

We all need cash at some point. We make sure that every UK high street has good cash access. We also subsidise thousands of cash machines in remote and deprived areas. We speak to communities about what they need. We’re also playing a key role in the future of banking services on the high street too.

Research and Insight

£1.6bn is withdrawn from our network every week. That’s cash in people’s pockets and in retailers’ tills. Around 5 million people still need cash every day. Our cash machines remain vital to communities and high streets across the country.

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We operate in the public interest

We are not-for-profit. We’re governed by an independent Board. Our work is overseen by several independent bodies and regulators. That means we can put people and communities first.

Who we work with

The public

We work in the public interest. We’re here to get the right cash access for every community.


Our work is regulated in detail by three regulators.

The Government

We work with the Government and local MPs to get the right outcomes for people.

Law Enforcement

Cash machines need to be safe and secure.

The media

We provide data and insight to inform the debate around cash.

Our members

Our network has a wide range of members.

Consumer Groups

We collaborate to ensure our work supports consumers.

Industry Groups

Our services depend on the wider financial services industry.

How we’re helping people across the UK

How we’re helping with Banking Hubs

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Does your area need a free to use ATM?

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We’ve turned shop tills into cash machines!

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Meet our senior team

Careers at LINK

We are passionate about protecting access to cash on the UK’s high streets, and proud of our role as a crucial part of the UK’s financial infrastructure. Working at LINK, you’ll directly support communities up and down the country.

Careers at LINK
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Frequently asked questions

Please contact LINK using the contact us form.

Contact your bank or building society as you are their customer and only they have all the details of your account. They can check your account and if necessary, contact the LINK ATM operator.

You will need to tell them:

  • Where a LINK ATM was.
  • The date & time of the withdrawal.
  • The amount of cash you tried to withdraw.
  • The amount of cash you received (if any).

In most cases, a LINK ATM will wait a few seconds and then retract the cash and your account will be re-credited. If this hasn’t happened, you should contact your bank or building society. They can check your account and, if necessary, contact the LINK ATM operator.

You will need to tell them:

  1. Where a LINK ATM was.
  2. The date & time you tried to use a LINK ATM.
  3. The amount of cash you tried to withdraw.

If you are a member of the public or represent a local community and want to find out about a new LINK ATM, please click here.

You should contact your bank or building society as soon as possible to sort out a replacement. For security reasons it isn’t possible to open the LINK ATM to get your card back.

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