Say hello to your local cash machine, Vijay.
shop keeper behind a till surrounded by chocolates and other goods

What is cash at the till?

We've turned shop tills into cash machines.

If you're near a participating shop, you can go in and ask the shopkeeper for cashback, and you don't have to make a purchase.

You can withdraw any amount in your bank account from 1p up to £50. And one difference to an ATM is, you don't need to take out notes. Whether you need £21.67 to pay the electric bill, a nice crisp tenner for Sam's birthday card or £4.50 for a taxi fare home for later, you can take that out. You can take out any amount up to fifty pounds, as long as the shopkeeper has it in the till.

You'll find participating shops on our Cash Locator by typing in your town or postcode and looking for the orange 'Cash at the till' icon.

Participating retailers only. No purchase needed. Subject to availability. Max £50 withdrawal.

Who is LINK?

We operate the UK's largest network of cash machines and we are committed to bringing free access to cash to communities that need it most.