Most ATMs and withdrawals are free across the LINK network but there may be some that charge you.

Charges at Cash Machines

Around 96% of UK cash withdrawals are free of charge and at the majority of cash machines in the UK there is no charge for cash withdrawals when using a debit card or ATM card.

You will only be charged if;

  • you have a credit card, store card or charge card or your card issuer charges a cash advance fee (this is very unusual), or
  • if you use a pay-to-use cash machine which imposes a charge

Fair Rules on Charging

The LINK network allows both free and charging ("pay-to-use") cash machines. Government and Parliament have recognised that charging as well as free machines can help to improve the public's access to cash and benefit local businesses.

LINK does not itself impose any charges on customers who use cash machines, and does not set the level of any fee charged. The LINK Scheme does require all cash machine owners and card issuers which use the LINK network to follow certain rules on charging, and the transparency of charging. LINK rules:

  • forbid double charging, so an issuer fee and an acquirer charge cannot be made on the same transaction;
  • require all pay-to-use ATMs to carry an on-screen message stating that the machine will charge you for cash
  • withdrawals and specifying the amount of the charge;
  • require all pay-to-use ATMs to confirm the customer's acceptance of the specific charge and offer the customer the option to cancel the transaction without incurring a penalty;
  • require pay-to-use ATMs to carry external signage stating that the machine will charge you for cash withdrawals;
  • require that when LINK members provide signage pointing towards pay-to-use ATMs, this should carry a notice saying that the machine will charge.

The LINK Scheme seeks to maintain and enforces these rules, including by undertaking regular surveys of ATM signage. If you see a cash machine that does not comply with these rules, please contact us.

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