Have a question? Take a look below at some of the most common questions we get asked.
  • How do I get a cash machine installed on my premises?

    If you would like a cash machine installed in your premises you should contact a LINK Member and discuss your requirements with them.  All cash machines are operated by LINK Members, not LINK itself and the Members' page has links through to Members’ websites and contact details.

    The site owners page also contains important information and should be referred to. 

  • Where is my nearest LINK cash machine?

    LINK holds a database of every LINK ATM location in the UK. We provide an ATM Locator on this site which can be searched by anyone wanting to know where their nearest cash machine is situated. Simply type in a place, postcode or London street name and a map, directions and distance to your nearest machines will be displayed.

    LINK also provide an ATM Locator App which you can use on the move to search for your nearest machine and find directions. You can download the App from the App store.

  • Where can I use my LINK card?

    You can use your LINK card in any cash machine which displays the familiar LINK logo and which is therefore connected to the LINK Network. This is virtually every cash machine in the UK.

  • Can I use my LINK card abroad?

    LINK Members have cash machines in France, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and further afield, as well as throughout the United Kingdom and some of these ATMs dispense currencies other than sterling. Whether a machine dispenses sterling or another currency, it will always carry the familiar LINK logo if it is connected to the LINK Network. Find out more here.

  • How do I become a Member of the LINK Network?

    Membership of the LINK Network is open to financial institutions and commercial organisations that meet the required minimum criteria. Full details on how to become a Member and the benefits of joining are available.

  • What should I do if something went wrong with my transaction at the ATM?

    In the event that:

    • you do not receive your funds
    • you do not receive the correct amount from the cash machine
    • your card is captured by the cash machine

    then you will need to contact your card issuer - i.e. your bank or building society.

    Please have the details of the transaction to hand, i.e. the date, the time, location and the name of the ATM owner. Your card issuer will then raise the issue with the ATM owner on your behalf. If you are unsure about the details of the cash machine used, our ATM Locator may be of help.

    Click here to find each LINK Member's website.


  • What about charges at cash machines?

    All decisions about whether to charge or not rest solely with the individual Members of the LINK Network and the site operator, not LINK itself. Pay-to-use cash machines are clearly labelled and the customer is always notified of the fee at the time of the transaction and given the option to cancel without charge. Find out more about charging at cash machines.

  • How was LINK created?

    LINK was formed in the mid-1980s to allow the smaller banks and building societies to compete against the cash machine networks of the larger banks. Using the concept of a central switch the LINK Network was able to grow quickly and rival the banks' sharing arrangements in size. By 1998, all the major UK banks and building societies had become LINK Members, enabling their ATMs to be shared by the other Members of the Network.  In 2006 the LINK ATM Scheme became separate from the LINK Interchange Network Ltd, a commercial entity offering ATM switching among other services.  In July 2007 LINK Interchange Network Ltd merged with Voca to create Vocalink.  Vocalink provides the technical, commercial and settlement services which make ATM sharing possible on the scale seen today. On 1st April 2016 LINK separated from Vocalink to form a new entity, Link Scheme Holdings Ltd.

    Link Scheme Holdings Ltd "LINK" is the operator of the LINK system as set out in the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013.

  • What does the LINK Network do?

    LINK connects the cash machines of its ATM operating Members with the card systems of its card issuing Members. As effectively every cash machine in the UK is connected to LINK, customers of a LINK card issuer have ATM access across the whole of the UK.

    LINK does not install or operate cash machines; these are run by LINK Members themselves.

    LINK operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is a fully on-line network; all transactions are authorised in real-time.

  • Who are the LINK Members?

    LINK Members are banks, building societies, card issuing companies and ATM deployers. Most LINK Members are both card issuers and ATM operators but there are some who only operate ATMs and others who only issue cards.

  • What does LINK membership mean?

    Members of the LINK Scheme accept obligations and responsibility to fulfil the scheme membership requirements, for example to treat cardholder data securely, to display any charges to customers in a transparent manner, to accept all LINK cards at their cash machines (ATMs), or to provide information on sterling account balances and to allow cash withdrawals with a LINK card from any LINK ATM regardless of which LINK member operates the ATM.

    While LINK Scheme rules require card-issuing Members to demonstrate their creditworthiness, and require ATM-operating Members to demonstrate that they can securely handle customer data, neither the LINK Scheme nor Vocalink accepts any liability nor offers any guarantee nor any indemnity in respect of any funds owed by any LINK Scheme Member to another Member or owed by a LINK Scheme Member to any other entity or individual with which it may do business.

    Should a Member become unable to discharge its obligations to other Members, or its debts to any other entity or individual, then each of those other Members, entities and individuals will be responsible for bearing any loss that they suffer.

  • How do I complain about LINK or a LINK Member?


    If you have a complaint about the cash machine itself, for example, signage, security or the ATM not working, then you can contact the LINK Member responsible for the machine directly. Their name will be clearly displayed on the ATM and link to each Member's website is available on our site.

    Alternatively, you can let us know using Contact Us and we will always follow up comments with individual LINK Member concerned.



Charity Giving

I am a charity; how can I sign up to the scheme?

By contacting the participating ATM operators.  Even if you are a small charity with no marketing budget you can participate. The scheme is particularly suited to local charities as people often use local ATMs out of habit. LINK is not involved in the selection process so please speak to one of our Members to find out what your options are.

Are ATM operators allowed to charge me for signing up to the scheme?


Will donations be Gift Aided?


Is there a commission on donations? Will the charity receive the whole donated amount?

LINK and its Members won’t charge commission on the donations and the whole donated amount will go to the charity.


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