Request a review of your community

LINK is here to help people access the cash services that they need. If you can’t access cash withdrawal and deposit services nearby, we may be able to help.

Anyone can request a review of their community’s access to cash from LINK, including members of the public, elected officials, and community groups. Please note that companies and businesses can’t make a request under this service and should continue to secure what they need through their normal commercial arrangements.

What can LINK do?

We know that every community is different. Some might need a free ATM. Busier areas might need a new shared banking hub. We have funding from the UK’s banks and building societies to work with communities to assess needs and to provide new services.

If you think we should review your community's access to cash, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - check what services are already available near to your community

Before completing a request form, please check what cash withdrawal and deposit services are already available near to you. You can use our Cash Locator to find ATMs, Post Offices and shops offering cashback.

Step 2 - let us know if these do not meet your needs

If you can't find anything nearby, or if the services don’t meet your community’s needs, for example because of the times they are open, you can request that LINK reviews your area by clicking the button below:

Request a Review

Find out more about how we've helped already

We've helped lots of places already - find out more on our interactive map.

You can also see how we helped one community in Oxford on the video below.


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If you do have good cash access but want your local ATM to dispense £5 notes, you can let us know here and we can ask the ATM operator if this is possible.

LINK protects free-to-use ATMs in the most rural and remote areas where the nearest ATM is over 1km away. If any of these ATMs close or become pay-to-use, we will always try to replace them. You can also nominate an ATM here.

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