Do you find it hard to access cash free of charge in your community?

LINK is determined to ensure people can access cash conveniently. If you can't access cash nearby, we may be able to help.

Step 1 - check out what there is locally

It is worth checking whether you have an ATM, cash at the till location or a Post Office nearby using our Cash Locator.

Step 2 - let us know if there is a problem

If you still can't find anything nearby, or if the options are limited - for example because of the times they are open, you can request LINK's support by telling us about the issue.

Find out more about how we've helped already

We've helped lots of places already - find out more on our interactive map.

You can also see how we helped one community in Oxford on the video below.


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If you do have good cash access but want your local ATM to dispense £5 notes, you can let us know here. You can also nominate an ATM for Protected Status here.


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