LINK has set up a delivery fund so that all communities can request help with accessing cash. Any member of the public can get in touch directly with LINK or via their MP or local council to suggest a new location for an ATM in their area.

Find out more about how we can help if your community is finding it difficult to access cash for free. Hear from the residents in Barton, Oxford, who got in touch with us to request a free cash machine, and where we funded an ATM in August 2020.

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If you are a member of the public or a community representative and would like to request a new free-to-use ATM for your community please click here.

If you are an owner or tenant of a suitable property and would like to suggest your own location as a possible ATM location, you should contact LINK Members directly.

You can also use the following forms to contact LINK.

  • suggest an existing ATM to dispense £5 note form.
  • to nominate an ATM for enhanced security form.
  • to nominate an ATM for Protected status form.


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