LINK offers a number of convenient services to customers of most UK banks and building societies, if you have a LINK enabled card:

Withdraw Cash

You can use your card to withdraw cash at any LINK ATM or LINK cash at the till location, just look for the LINK logo. 

At an ATM, the amount that you can withdraw will be limited to the funds available in your bank/building society account and the daily limit set by your bank/building society.

At a LINK cash at the till location, you can withdraw any amount from 1p up to £50, limited to the funds available in your account and the availability of cash in the retailer’s till. You can withdraw notes and coins at cash at the till locations.

Balance Enquiry

You can use your card to check the balance of your bank/building society account from any LINK ATM or cash at the till location.  

Other LINK Services

The following services are available at LINK ATMs, but not at cash at the till locations:

Withdraw Foreign Currency

You can use your card to withdraw foreign currency (e.g. Euro, US Dollar) at some LINK ATMs. To find your nearest foreign currency dispensing ATM you can check the Cash Locator and do an advanced search for ATMs dispensing foreign currency.  

PIN Change

A number of LINK ATMs provide customers with the ability to select your own memorable PIN but this will depend on who you bank with and the ATM you have chosen to use. To find one near you use the advanced search function on our ATM Locator.

You can change your PIN to almost any number you like, but remember not to pick a number which could be easily guessed, for example your birthday. Many cash machines have letters displayed on the keypad and these can be used to make an easily remembered combination. Some easily guessed numbers or combinations of numbers may not be allowed, for example 1234.

Your PIN is the key to your account so always keep your PIN secret. Never reveal your PIN to anyone, not to someone claiming to be from your bank, the police and especially not to a "helpful" stranger. If you ever think someone else knows or has seen your PIN, then you should change it as quickly as possible.

Make a donation to Charity

A charity donations scheme, which makes giving as easy as withdrawing cash, is available at Royal Bank of Scotland, Nat West and Ulster Bank cash machines for a selection of LINK enabled cards (check with your bank to see if they participate in charity giving).

The service is simple to use. Just insert your LINK enabled card, select "Donate to charity", choose the charity you want to donate to from the list, select the amount and you are done. 

The minimum donation value is £1 and donations can be made up to a maximum of £50.

There is no commission on these donations, no ATM provider nor LINK will charge any commission on these donations, the full value will always be paid to the charity.

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