Bank branches & Banking Hubs

Total number of bank closures

Published: 27-06-2024

Whenever a bank decides to close a branch, we assess the impact of that closure on the community, and decide whether additional services are needed as a result.

Total number of Banking Hubs recommended

Published: 16-07-2024

As part of our work to protect access to cash, we have recommended banking hubs across the country.

Branch Closures and Recommendations announced since 1st January 2022

Download the data for all bank branch closures that have been publicly announced since the start of 2022 along with details of the current status of LINK’s assessment and recommendations. It also details locations where LINK has recommended new services as a result of requests from communities. This table will be updated as further branch closures are publicly announced and as LINK recommends new services. The information in this table is based on information available publicly and can be subject to change.

This data was last updated on 16th July 2024.

If you would like to share relevant information with LINK, or have any general questions, please contact us.