LINK independently reviews the impact of all changes to banking provision such as bank branch closures in communities. LINK will recommend new services such as shared banking hubs and ATMs where needed to meet the cash needs of the community as a whole and not just the customers or members of one bank or building society.
  • What is a banking hub?

    A banking hub is a shared banking space, like a traditional bank branch but available to everyone. The hubs have a counter service where customers of all main banks can withdraw and deposit cash, make bill payments, and carry out regular banking transactions. Also, they have private spaces where customers can speak to someone from their own bank about more complex issues. The banks will be working on a rotating basis, so there will be staff from different banks available on different days. The aim is that all the main banks in the area will take part in the rota.

  • How do you decide which communities need a banking hub or cash services?

    Whenever a participating bank or building society makes a change to its network (such as a branch closure or reduced opening hours) it notifies LINK in advance. LINK will then assess the location’s needs, looking at what other services are available locally, the size of the location (people and number of shops) and determine whether the community needs a new hub.

    In addition, a community can also request a review itself. LINK will then independently assess the needs of that community using the same criteria.

  • How are communities’ cash needs assessed?

    LINK assesses community needs using set criteria for guidance. More information on the criteria can be found here.

  • I want to request a banking hub in my area

    Any community can request a review, but if a bank has announced a branch closure within 12 months in the community, LINK will have already assessed the community and a further assessment will not be completed unless the community circumstances have significantly changed.

    To make a request, please complete the form on LINK's website.

  • My request for a banking hub has been rejected

    The criteria that LINK uses to assess a community’s needs have been developed and agreed after extensive consumer and small business group input, but unfortunately, LINK cannot recommend additional cash services in all communities.

    If the circumstances change for your community, a further review can be requested after 12 months, and LINK will reassess the community’s cash needs.

  • I feel my request hasn’t been handled fairly

    If you feel that your request has not been handled fairly, please complete the LINK complaint form.

  • I feel my complaint hasn't been handled fairly

    If you feel that LINK has not handled your complaint fairly, then an Independent Assessor can make an assessment of LINK's handling of your complaint. The Independent Assessor cannot require LINK to change its decision but can publicly recommend an alternative decision where appropriate. 

    More information on the Independent Assessor (including how to contact the Independent Assessor) can be found here.

  • I would like more information about how my personal data is processed by LINK

    Please click here to read our Privacy Notice.

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