Banking Hubs and Shared Banking Services

Working with communities

Banking Hubs

Shared banking services are opening across the country.

Shared banking services are opening across the country. On High Streets where bank branches have closed, they are helping people and businesses deposit and withdraw cash.

We assess communities to work out where these services need to go to preserve good access to cash.

We analyse bank branch closures, respond to community requests and when we recommend a new service, Cash Access UK are the body charged with delivering it.

We do our work independently, and in the interests of consumers and communities.

Cash Access UK
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The steps we take

How we assess areas

Our process

The criteria we use

How we decide

The data & research

Dig deeper

Once we have recommended new shared services

If we have decided a community needs new cash services, we publish that on our website, and ask Cash Access UK to deliver them. They work to find the right location and the right people to run the service, and deliver it as fast as possible.

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