Cash at the till

Cash at the Till

What we've done

We've turned shop tills into cash machines.

If you're near a participating shop, you can go in and ask the shopkeeper for cashback. You don't even have to make a purchase. 

It's simple

You can withdraw any amount in your bank account from 1p up to £50. 

Unlike an ATM, you don't just need to take out notes. If you need £4.50, you can take that out. If you want £36, you can get that too, as long as the shopkeeper has the change available. 

Where do I find them?

You'll find participating shops on our Cash Locator by typing in your town or postcode and looking for the orange or blue symbols. 

What other services are available?

You can find out your bank balance.  

Do I have to pay for this service? 

Some participating stores may charge a fee to withdraw cash at the till. These will be advertised as having a charge. The charge will be displayed on the screen giving you an option to cancel the transaction. 

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