The LINK Consumer Council oversees the work of the Scheme and ensures that the consumer is put at the heart of LINK.

LINK Consumer Council

The LINK Consumer Council was established by LINK in April 2006 to provide advice on consumer issues that relate to the UK’s largest cash machine network, and to represent the interests of consumers in the governance and development of the network. The Council brings together independent consumer representatives and LINK Members including card issuing banks and cash machine operators. It is chaired by an Independent Chairman Tracey Graham who is also a non-executive Director of the Link Scheme Holdings Ltd Board.

The Council provides advice on consumer issues relating to the UK cash machine network, and represents consumer interests. The current Consumer Council has the following members:

Consumer Council Annual Report

The Council publishes an annual report which provide further details of the Council's objectives, members, its activities over the year and forward-looking priorities. This report publishes the Council’s independent assessment of the LINK Scheme's performance against its consumer interest objectives.

Previous copies of the annual report are available:

Get in touch

Members of the public or any interested body are welcome to get in touch with the Council regarding consumer projects or initiatives.

The Council is not responsible for individual cardholder complaints. If you are a customer and you have a complaint you should send these to your relevant card issuing or cash machine operating Member of LINK.

Consumer Principles

LINK has a set of consumer principles, endorsed by the LINK Consumer Council, that provide a valuable framework for the Scheme to ensure that the consumer's interests are at the heart of decision making.

LINK's consumer principles: Safeguard access to cash, Transparent information, Fit for purpose, Quality, Inclusive, Choice, Redress

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