LINK Rules support both free-to-use and pay-to-use ATMs.  Cash machine operators cover the cost of free-to-use ATMs through a per transaction ATM interchange fee paid to them by the card issuing banks and building societies.

The interchange fee paid varies by the transaction type and whether the ATM is located in bank/building society or another type of location such as a supermarket/railway station/convenience store.  These fees are as follows;

Interchange (p)


Effective 1st Jan 2019

Protected Rate

Effective 1st Oct 2018

Branch cash withdrawal 23.1 25.6

Branch non-cash
e.g. balance enquiry, declined cash withdrawal

12.5 13.9
Remote cash withdrawal 25.9 28.7

Remote non-cash
e.g. balance enquiry, declined cash withdrawal

16.8 18.7

An ATM may be eligible for additional premiums depending on certain factors such as location and transactions volumes. These premiums are displayed below:

Average Number of Monthly Cash Withdrawals Premium per Cash Withdrawal
0 - 199 £2.75
200 - 399 £0.81
400 - 599 £0.43
600 - 1500 £0.30
1501 - 3000 £0.20
3001 - 4500 £0.10
4501+ £0.00

Details of our Financial Inclusion Programme and how interchange supports this can be found here.

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