Site owners work with LINK ATM Operators to provide cash machines in convenience locations. Guidance can be found here.

Over 60% of cash machines are installed away from bank or building society branches. These machines provide convenient access to cash for millions of people and are installed in a huge variety of locations.

Site owners are the people who have ATMs on their premises and they include supermarkets, convenience stores, pubs, clubs, hospitals, railway stations, airports, in fact pretty much anywhere you can imagine. There are mobile cash machines which travel to festivals, shows and sports events and even some on ferries.

Banks, building societies and independent ATM operators are always looking for new sites and each one needs a landlord who will get the benefit of having an ATM on their premises.

If you would like a cash machine installed in your premises you should contact a LINK Member and discuss your requirements with them.  Cash machines are operated by LINK members, not LINK itself and the members' page has links through to members’ websites and contact details.

The benefits for having an ATM include:

  • higher footfall as customers choose the location to get cash;
  • higher turnover as ATM users spend the cash they have withdrawn in the store;
  • competitive advantage over nearby locations which do not offer ATM facilities;
  • increased customer satisfaction by offering an added value service;
  • the potential for rental income.

In addition, some cash machines are replenished by the landlord from their over-the-counter cash takings and this can mean fewer bank visits and cash processing charges and a better cash-flow.

LINK supports the Code of Conduct for the Authentication of Machine-Dispensed Banknotes and a leaflet giving more details can be downloaded here.

LINK does not install or operate ATMs on its own behalf, so if you are a landlord, and you are interested in having a cash machine installed in your premises you should contact a LINK member directly and discuss the opportunity with them.

While LINK Scheme rules require card-issuing members to demonstrate their creditworthiness, and require ATM-operating members to demonstrate that they can securely handle customer data, neither the LINK Scheme nor VocaLink accepts any liability nor offers any guarantee nor any indemnity in respect of any funds owed by any LINK Scheme member to another member or owed by a LINK Scheme member to any other entity or individual with which it may do business.

Should a member become unable to discharge its obligations or debts to any other entity or individual, then each of those other entities and individuals will be responsible for bearing any loss that they suffer. Particularly where site owners are replenishing ATMs with their own cash, they are advised to ensure they are fully satisfied with arrangements for repayment of cash dispensed in all circumstances.

Click here to see our members’ websites and their contact details.

Security for ATM operators and premises with ATMs

Criminals always go for the weakest link. Simple steps and the right procedures will make them think again. This page has advice for ATM operators and those who have ATMs on their premises. Click here to read the ATM Security Working Group's best practice guidelines for physical ATM security.  All ATM operators should refer to this but please note that this is for guidance only and should not be a substitute for professional advice. LINK takes no responsibility for the content and will not be held responsible for any losses which may occur as a result of their use or otherwise.

General advice

  • Ensure the ATM is securely fixed to the floor.
  • Make sure the ATM is in an open environment with prominent CCTV and where staff can easily see it.
  • Use anti-lasso devices that stop criminals placing a chain or strap around / behind the ATM.
  • Ensure the security of the premises is of a sufficient standard and well maintained.
  • Make obvious, regular checks for devices which might have been attached to the ATM.
  • Be wary of people who claim to be conducting surveys of intruder alarms, CCTV cameras, air conditioning units, etc. Always check their ID and confirm with their head office.
  • Always treat any interruptions to intruder alarms seriously.

Merchant fill sites

  • Only fill the ATM with sufficient cash for one day's trading.
  • Always cash and de-cash the ATM while the premises are locked shut and customers excluded.
  • Place excess cash in a safe of adequate security quality.
  • After removing the cash and cassettes, leave the door to the ATM and security container open when the premises are non-operational.
  • Ensure the ATM can be seen from outside the premises, so would-be criminals can see the ATM is empty.

Cash-in-transit fill sites

  • Through-the-wall machines should have secure and visible anchoring.
  • Internal machines should be sited well inside the premises away from the shop fronts, ideally against a strongly built internal or perimeter wall that does not have vehicular access to its external face.
  • The ATM should be located in a highly visible and well-lit area.
  • Install signs stating that staff do not have access to the ATM.
  • Arrange that the premises are locked shut and customers excluded when the ATM is replenished.
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