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Keeping your cash machine secure

If you run a store or location with a cash machine, keeping it safe is a priority. Criminals go for the weakest link. Simple steps and the right procedures will make them think again. Your cash machine deployer will have good advice for you. This page has some helpful hints and tips, which are no substitute for that professional advice.

General Advice

  • Ensure the cash machine is securely fixed to the floor.
  • Make sure it is where staff can see it, with prominent CCTV.
  • Use anti-lasso devices, which stop straps being put around it.
  • Keep your premises secure with the right alarm system.
  • Regularly check no devices have been added to the machine.
  • Always check ID of people performing work and maintenance at your premises.
  • If you fill the machine yourself, only put one day’s cash in it.
  • Always empty it when the premises are closed, ensuring criminals can see the machine is empty.


For more advice, you can also read best practice guidelines from the ATM Security Working Group. You could also contact your ATM operator. 

The above information is intended as a guide, and LINK will not be held responsible for any losses which may occur as a result of its use or otherwise. Should a Member become unable to discharge its obligations or debts to any other entity or individual, then each of those other entities and individuals will be responsible for bearing any loss that they suffer. Particularly where site owners are replenishing cash machines with their own cash, they are advised to ensure they are fully satisfied with arrangements for repayment of cash dispensed in all circumstances.

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